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Native ads – i.e., ads that don’t look like traditional display/banner ads, rather are visually adapted to the site’s post layout/formatting and appear as “sponsored” content. In their own words: “TripleLift seamlessly integrates a brand’s most engaging images alongside contextually relevant content, across any device, at scale.”

Screenshot example:


700+ publishers available, with more included week over week, with US & international supply available.


Targeting: The inventory is accessed via Deal ID on AppNexus (APN). You can set up an RON deal, or can tailor the deal to include only specific sites. Then it’s just like any standard PMP-E deal, so targeting, reporting, etc. will all work the same.

Creative: Creative Spec sheet attached. Because the creative is a custom “native” format, you must actually build the ads yourself – i.e. input relevant image, logo, and copy information just like you do with Facebook Exchange (FBX). In fact, you can repurpose your FBX newsfeed ads for this, however you may need to source larger format, higher resolution images. Once you’ve built the ad, you will export a TripleLift Native ad tag and upload into Terminal One (T1).

Trafficking process:

  • Generate ad tags using the TripleLift Wizard: - enter in all relevant image/logo/copy details, and make sure you select “Export & Format for: MediaMath” at the top-right. This will ensure our click/cachebusting macros are properly embedded, and also that the ad tag is able to pass through AppNexus creative approval process.
  • Snapshot of the TripleLift Native Wizard here:

Once you’ve created your ad in the Wizard, export the ad tag – and upload to Terminal One (T1) like a normal 3rd Party Ad Serving (3PAS) tag, using the Single 3PAS Tag upload option.

Insert the exported ad tag as is into the ad tag code section. You must also declare the following settings:

- Size: 300x250 – this is especially important to ensure the creative will pass through APN creative approval.

- Ad Tag Type: JavaScript

- File Type: JPG

- All other fields can be completed as usual



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